6 Amazing and Underrated Tips to Assist with Knee Joint Pain Relief

Many people in society fall victim to knee joint pain. Perhaps you get knee pain when walking or knee pain after running. If you don’t fall into those categories, you may be someone who has constant knee pain or knee pain that comes and goes.

Simple tasks like going up and down staircases, walking through parks, or bending to pick up things might be movements that you dread because of your joint pain.

To help, we have put together a list of six tips that can help you gain a better lifestyle and provide knee joint pain relief.

Before we dive into those tips, let’s look at some possible causes for joint pain in the knees.

What are some causes of knee joint pain?

Joint pain in the knees can be caused by sprain, strain, injury, or one of the forms of arthritis.

Based on the anatomy of the knee, there are several muscles that surround the joint that can be improved upon in order to strengthen the knee.

Now the question is asked “How can I relieve my knee joint pain? We believe you must know the cause of your knee pain first. This means you may need to see your physician for a diagnosis.

In the mean time, keep reading for some tips to help you along the way.


1. Knee Pain Exercises

Before starting any exercise program or diet, you should visit your doctor and speak to him or her about it. This is to ensure that you will not be aggravating a problem or have a health issue that will prevent you from the exercise or diet program you wish to use.

Going back to the knee anatomy, two of your most important muscle groups at your knee include the hamstrings and quadriceps muscles. Your hamstrings are responsible for you being able to bend your knee and your quads help you to extend your knee.

Hamstring and quad exercises can help make a difference by targeting that muscle group and potentially taking pressure off of the joints.

If you are experiencing knee pain and tightness, it could be indicative of possibly needing to do some knee stretches. The following are simple low-impact exercises for knee pain that can help build strength and range of motion.

  • Quad sets
  • Long arc quads
  • Short arc quads
  • Heel slides
  • Mini Squats
  • Hamstring curls
  • Seated/standing marches

The knees also benefit from maintaining a healthy weight, and this goes for other joints of the body like the hips, ankles, and spine.


2. Essential Oils for Joint Pain In Your Knees

Essential oils can provide relief from many maladies. Maladies like headaches, muscle pain, joint pain, digestive problems, arthritis, bad breath, and even an antioxidant to remove toxins from the body.

If you are new to essential oils, you should talk to an herbalist who can instruct you on use and dosage so that you can use them properly. Most essential oils are topical treatments but there are a few that are ingestible; this is where you can get into trouble if you do not know how to use the oils properly. Ingestible oils can add flavor to food.

Quality essential oils are the best to use like Meg Relief. This doesn’t mean that lower quality oils won’t work, but you will get the most benefit from quality oils.

Essential oils for knee pain include Nutmeg, Orange, Turmeric, Frankincense, and Peppermint. Other uses for Nutmeg Essential Oil are bad breath, massage oil, it helps remove toxins from the liver and kidneys, a sleeping aid, and can be used to help anxiety. Powdered and ingestible oil nutmeg is a great seasoning to add flavor to food such as pies, cakes, and cookies.

How To Use Essential Oils For Joint Pain Relief In Your Knees:

Massaging a few drops of Nutmeg Essential Oil into your knee can help relieve pain, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation. This will allow you to walk and exercise the knee to help increase range of motion and strengthen the muscles around the joint. As you extend your range of motion and strengthen the muscles, your pain level will lessen.

You will not have to worry about upset stomach or digestion issues when you use Nutmeg Essential Oil to reduce the pain and inflammation of the knees including knee pain when squatting.

Imagine being able to squat down, walk, and use the stairs with less knee pain. What would you be able to do that you are not doing now? Work in the garden? Play with the kids?


3. Heat and Cold Therapy

Many people wonder if they should use heat or ice for knee pain. Along with Nutmeg Essential Oil, you can also use hot and cold therapy.

If you happen to have knee swelling, the best option is to use ice. Ice acts in the role of a vasoconstrictor of blood vessels and as a result helps the swollen knee. You may be thinking the timing for how long to ice the knee.

Ideally, you don’t want to use a cold pack or ice pack for longer than 20 minutes.

If the pain is associated with the musculature, heat would be best because it will relax the muscles.

Both hot and cold therapy can relieve some of the pain.

Again, ask the herbalist if you can combine essential oils with heat and cold therapy. They will be able to tell you if it is best to wash the oil off before adding hot or cold therapy.

6 Simple Tips for Joint Pain Relief in your Knees?

A proper diet not only helps control weight but if you pay attention to what you are eating and the pain levels, you may find that certain foods or drinks make the pain and inflammation worse. Those items should be avoided as much as possible.


4. Foods May Be The Cause Of Your Inflammation

An example of a food that may irritate the inflammation could be fried foods or processed foods. Instead of frying your food, try baking, stay away from processed food and increase your intake of whole foods. Whole foods, such as fruits and vegetables, make a better choice than potato chips, fried foods, and candy.


Fruits and vegetables provide fiber as well as nutrients, vitamins, and minerals the body needs. Fiber will help you feel full longer than do empty calories from junk food.

Drink plenty of water too. Water helps wash toxins from the body. Another benefit of a proper diet is it will boost your immune system and make you healthier.

It would be good to keep in mind the 5 worst foods for arthritis and joint pain. Diet is often overlooked, but you won’t make that mistake after reading this article.


5. Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can include the essential oils; speak to your massage therapist about using Nutmeg Essential Oils. He or she may be willing to use your Meg Relief instead of one they normally use.

You can go to a massage therapist for this, and physical therapists are also skilled in providing soft tissue treatments. Massage therapy increases circulation to the area and provides knee joint pain relief. Better circulation to the area will also help reduce inflammation.


6. A Knee Brace Can Help Stabilize Your Knee Joint

A knee brace will help stabilize the knee joint and prevent further injury. It will also help reduce the pain and inflammation you may be experiencing. You should talk to your doctor about a knee brace to make sure you get the proper fit and support.

There are some braces that can be bought over the counter in most pharmacies and if your knee pain is due to a sprain or strain they may be fine, but your doctor will have a better idea of exactly what you need when it comes to a knee brace.

Although a knee brace can provide support, your joints can also become dependent on it for support so contact your physical therapist for guidance on proper use of the brace.

Combining the 6 simple tips we have discussed to address can help your joint pain relief in your knees.  In some instances, surgery will be required but, in many cases, there is simple non surgical knee relief.


How do I know this? Well, I suffered a serious knee injury back in 2011. I was playing sports and severely injured my right knee.  It felt like I tore, ruptured, or broke something. The knee pain was honestly worse than all the physical pain I had experienced in my 11 years in the Army.

Eventually, I went to see many doctors and physical therapists. Scan after scan, and ointment after ointment…nothing worked.

I found the relief by accident.  Well, I found it by being forced by Danette to take a vacation and visit her family’s country of Grenada. While we were there, her family put this oil on my knee and it immediately felt better. I was SO grateful!  It turned out it was nutmeg oil from the Island.  Surprised?  I was. Eventually, I would come to find out that nutmeg has several benefits. At the time, I just thought it was something people used in their food. 

Check out all the benefits of nutmeg here. For the next 8 years, I worked with them to create a product based on nutmeg that would help everyone find the relief I found that day.  We finally found it.  It’s MegRelief.

For joint relief, choose MegRelief.

It’s not a prescription drug or CBD/marijuana oil. MegRelief is simply a combination of essential oils that is 100% natural. If you are having knee pain, try this oil out. Spray it 1-2 times and rub it in.  We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied, you can return without any hassles.

Try to MegRelief, simply click here now and get the knee joint pain relief you have been looking for.

We can’t wait to hear back from you telling us you are feeling better!

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