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Grenada Nut Co. was birthed from pain…literally. While in her family’s home country of Grenada, Danette’s husband had been battling knee pain for 6 months.  After several doctor’s visits, scans, physical therapy visits, pain medications, and more scans, the pain still wouldn’t subside.

While there, her parents provided a natural remedy that worked immediately.

Then the thought hit them-Why aren’t more people aware of the beautiful and amazing things that Grenada has to offer?

From that thought, Grenada Nut Company was born. Read more…

Our philosophy is that no one should suffer needlessly when there are natural remedies available.

We have an unwavering commitment to excellence.  We use the products we create on ourselves and family and would not sell anything that we would not first use ourselves. Grenada Nut Company only uses 100% natural therapeutic-grade essential oils. We only work with suppliers that are certified organic, kosher, and Vegan facilities.

We understand the importance of health, so we make sure that all required tests, documentation and certifications are accurate and up-to date.

Each bottle is inspected before it leaves the door to ensure the highest quality possible is met before it is shipped to its customers.


Why People Love Our NutMeg Pain Relief Oil

Premium Quality

High quality oil for muscle pain and stiffness. Professionally manufactured and our suppliers are certified organic & ISO registered. Convenient and easy to use for on-the-go relief.

Ready to Use

CONVENIENT & EASY TO USE. Relieve muscle & joint pain or stiffness in the comfort of your own home. Reduce inflammation with our 1-ounce potent oil for long lasting relief.

100% RAW Ingredients

We use natural and RAW materials that are rigorously tested for veracity of the purity and potency of MegRelief.

Multiple Benefits

MegRelief helps relieve pain and inflammation associated with joint, muscle, arthritis, and gout in under 2 minutes.

Frequency of Use

MegRelief can be applied several times a day because it is topical and not ingested orally. Our oil is all natural and FREE of body damaging drugs.

Pain Relief Options

Our oil can be taken with or without prescribed medication for pain. MegRelief is NOT a drug or pill for pain relief. Is is a topical oil alternative for helping to decrease pain and inflammation for all kinds of aliments.

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MegRelief Pain Relief Oil


Do you suffer from joint pain in your knees, shoulders, hands, elbow, or wrists? Do you have any pain in your lower back?

If yes, MegRelief is for you.

MegRelief is an all-natural nutmeg oil blend designed specifically to help relieve this. You don’t have to continue suffering. Give it a try today.

This is why if you are not 100% satisfied with our product, you can return it for a 100% refund.


How To Make An Order?

  • 1. Select your oil

    Select the MegRelief oil you need from our inventory. Our oil provides easy pain relief and inflammation associated with joint, muscle, arthritis, and gout in under 2 minutes.

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  • 3. Complete the checkout form

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  • 4. Enter desired shipping address

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  • 5. Receive your order & enjoy!

    Your shipment will arrive within the allotted time you have selected with instructions for use. You will be updated on your order status.

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